Functional Ecology and Environmental Plant Physiology
From plants to ecosystems

Plant functional ecology - from plants to ecosystemsClimate - vegetation interactionsField research in South AfricaWater use efficiency and evapotranspiration - AgriWaterSystemsEcosystem development of reclaimed post-mining sitesEcosystem functions of biocrustsDevelopment of biocrusts and their application in restoration ecologyEcosystem functions and services in post-mining sites - ANFOREKStress physiology - application of chlorophyll fluorescenceEcophysiology - photosynthesis and transpirationGreenhouse experimentEcology of South African drylandsDesert research in South AfricaEcophysiology of CAM plants in South Africa

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Dr. Maik Veste 

CEBra - Centre for Energy Technology Brandenburg e.V.
Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg 

University of Hohenheim (Lecturer/Lehrbeauftragter)

Research interests

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